Hotel Nakshatra -Karimganj
Hotel Nakshatra

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Silchar Road, Karimganj
Assam -788710.




Hotel Nakshatra is a true landmark of luxury in Karimganj. This hotel’s design offers a palette of local colours, materials and it’s very own homely atmosphere. Seated at the heart of town, rich prospects for business, leisure and travel and beckon visitors. Luxurious and elegant, Hotel Nakshatra offers panoramic views of the soaring townscape. A stone’s throw away from ASTC stand and only 800 meters from the Railway Station, the hotel, offers visitors the ultimate in comfort and recreation. Come discover and experience, heritage and luxury in an eternal embrace.


Hotel Nakshatra is well known for its comfortable and spacious room fitted with all modern amenities and incomparable service.
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Conference Room & Community Hall
  • Air & Railway Ticket Booking Facility
  • Spacious Car Parking Facility
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Shopping Complex

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